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What is Digital File Check?

  • A free, easy to use software designed to help people enjoy music and entertainment safely and legally. Digital File Check helps stop your computer being used for illegal sharing and downloading of music, films and TV programs.
  • 100 per cent for your personal and private use only. Once downloaded, the software can be used without an internet connection. The results of using the software remain on your computer and are not disclosed to anyone else.

Digital File Check helps you to easily remove or disable any of the file-sharing software commonly used to distribute and download copyrighted files illegally. It will also list and help you remove any music, film and TV files that may have been distributed without permission from the copyright holders.

File-sharing programs are commonly used to copy, download and distribute music and video files over the internet to other users. While the technology itself is not illegal, a lot of file-sharing activity is, because it involves copying and distributing copyrighted material online without permission from the copyright holders.

You can get music from a wide range of legal sites by going to www.pro-music.org, which lists around 500 legal music services worldwide.